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Jone became a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) to Violet, a former foster youth. Violet was in the Foster Care System since she was nine years old, moving several times during her young years. Jone says, "That becoming a CASA to Violet was the best decision I've ever made, being her advocate gave so much more meaning to my life." Violet emancipated out of the system in 2012 and is now going to college. Jone and Violet are still very involved in each other's lives.

The four basic responsibilities of a CASA are: 1) To be a child's voice in court; 2) To investigate and report on what is in the child's best interest; 3) To advocate for the child; 4) To be a stable and consistent adult in the child's life. For more information visit

Jone is one of 13 Women, who call themselves, The Women of Jewelia, who on September 18, 2004, went together to buy a diamond necklace. Within months the media picked up their story. People Magazine ran a feature. Katie Couric reported on the venture for The Today Show. Other segments followed on Inside Edition, The Early Show, and KCBS-TV's Studio Two in Los Angeles. Fox Searchlight Pictures bought the move rights. No one knew where the necklace would lead, least of all the thirteen women who'd bought it.

When we all met for the first time, one of the things we discussed was writing a book about our adventures with the necklace. We named the necklace Jewelia. We also discussed selling the book and donating the proceeds to charitable causes. Little did we know that our dream would come true and its idea would spread throughout our community. Further, and to our amazement, causes would be taken up around the world. To date, we have helped approximately 50 charities and individuals in need, and raised more than $100,000. We plan to continue this as long as we are able, and as long as people join with us to further our cause of sharing and caring. Find out more at




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